director of the kiss of red woman ,carla egerer, presents trailerclips

knowhowsusi.  information rights activist


Presents  hip hop sensacion de vivir peliculas by carla egerer YOU TUBE

      1 chipdevelopment center

      9 redwoman looses her shoe

      17 pinky lamentos

      2 evillady meets redwoman

      10 underground teens monitor

      18  skater reads comic


      3 neroman hits redwoman

      11 red and black alterego

      19 indish rules shopfloor

      4redwoman hits back  escapes

      12 cameraman and pinky

      20 redwoman phones SUSI

      5 underground teenies

      13 redwoman and killer

      21 splattershow

      6 dealer offers s.t.

      14 killer found red shoe

      22 teens observe redwoman


      7 US killer hunts redwoman

      15 the junkfood level 2013

      23 trailer

      8 close up KILLER

      16 girls hit back

      34 barbie hits ground

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Presents  w hip hop sensacion de