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... Outpost (1932); Upton Sinclair Presents William Fox (1933); (1933); (1934); Letters
To Judd (1934); The Gnomemobile (1936); Coop-A Novel of Living Together (1936 ... barcelona

judios en alemania 1933

Rishonmejico_ judios.htm México Población total 92,720,000 ~ Población judía 40,700

Todos, salvo un puñado de judíos mejicanos viven en Ciudad de México (37.500). La mayoría del resto vive en Guadalajara (200 familias), Monterrey (200 familias), y Tijuana (60 familias). Cerca de 300 familias están distribuidas en otras ciudades tales como Veracruz, Puebla, y Cuernavaca. El número de la gente registrada como " Israelitas " en el censo oficial incluye las sectas y los mestizos (mejicano de la ascendencia india y europea mezclada) que profesan a las raíces judías, tales como la " Iglesia de a Dios " y la " Casa protestantes de Dios. " No se reconoce ningunos de estos grupos por el rabinato en Méjico o en Israel.
La comunidad se divide igualmente entre Sephardim y Ashkenazim. El índice del casamientos mixtos se estima en entre 5% y 10%.

La historia
Al principio del siglo XX, los inmigrantes judíos llegaron de Rusia, de Polonia, y de Alemania, así como de Siria, Turquía, Grecia (especialmente Salónica), y Líbano. Por lo tanto, establecieron las comunidades de Ashkenazim y de Sephardim.


dioses de la peste

vienna :franz kafka: in der strafkolonie

Kafka, Franz In the Penal Colony


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Post-Reform Act Securities Case Settlements

Mega Settlements: Settlements of Post-Reform Act Securities Class Action Lawsuits in Excess of $100 million (YTD)

Rank crime kitty calavita
Maximum Asserted
Valuation [1]
Percentage of Total

1 Cendant [2] $3,527.0 Million 48.78%
2 Lucent $563.0 Million 7.79%
3 Bank of America $490.0 Million 6.78%
4 Waste Management II $457.0 Million 6.32%
5 Rite Aid $319.5 Million 4.42%
6 Oxford Health Plans, Inc. $300.0 Million 4.15%
7 3Com $259.0 Million 3.58%
8 Waste Management I $220.0 Million 3.04%
9 MicroStrategy $192.5 Million 2.66%
10 Dollar General Corp $162.0 Million 2.24%
[1] Settlement values may include securities as well as cash. Securities are valued as of the highest value asserted by any party in a court filing. Settlements include proceeds from all sources. Not all settlements have received final court approval. Settlement values in some cases may still increase as additional defendants settle individual claims.
[2] Includes settlements in the PRIDES and common stock litigation.

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Summary of Historical Materialism. Engels: The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (1884) was developed by Engels from notes by Marx. ... ]

EconPapers: Engels' Origin of the Family as a Contribution to ...
- Engels' Origin of the Family

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the ... - The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State by Frederick Engels. Ever wonder why there is women’s oppression or why ...
Friedrich Engels ... of the workingmen. (4) Friedrich Engels, Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State (1884). When monogamous marriage first ... Pathfinder Books: The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and ... - The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State by Frederick Engels. Price: $17.95. Also Available In: Spanish, French.

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Why should we speak out?

We need to notify our leaders of the problems that burden us and result in human suffering. In order to give notice about these problems, we need to speak out so that our leaders in government are able to work with us in finding solutions to these problems. Society is ridden with poverty, homelessness, disease, corruption, human rights and labor abuse, drug addiction, sex crimes and many other serious problems. To speak out means to let our leaders know that we want them to help us solve these cancers that plague our lives. As individuals, we are often at the mercy of lobbyists who spend billions every year to influence legislators and politicians. In 2000, lobbyists in Washington DC spent $1.55 billion to influence legislation that might not be in the interest of common citizens. To speak out is to let our politicians know not to forget about the masses and our needs. We should all strive to better the world and make a difference in our daily lives. Speaking out is a powerful way of achieving this.

Why is it that many of us seem content with the way things are? Is it because we often feel powerless, thinking that the action of one individual could not possibly make a difference in causing positive change? Many of us feel that taking on and solving global problems is too big of a responsibility. You may feel that you do not have the time or energy to start worrying about the world's problems. Others become overwhelmed, feeling they do not know enough about current issues. Admittedly, we all have our own imperfections. But at the same time, we can all speak out using our voices or through our actions. Speaking out is very powerful, especially if it's one in unison.

Martin Luther King, the great civil rights activist, had a passion and voice that allowed him to unify whites and blacks, law makers and civilians so that Americans could find peace, freedom and liberty. His powerful voice led the Peaceful March of 1963 that saw 250,000 people march to the Lincoln Memorial, demanding equality and democracy. Through the power of speaking out, Martin Luther King made many positive changes come about. In 1956, the US Supreme Court declared the desegregation of buses, restaurants and schools so that blacks were given equal rights as whites. In 1965, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law, giving blacks an equal opportunity to vote in elections. Today, African Americans have equal opportunities in education, jobs, health care and housing. Indeed, the power of speaking out is infectious and in unison, it is unstoppable.