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kiss of red woman
industrial times level 1990 this was free lance last reunion of industrial strenght-SINCE THEN THINGS WENT ASTRAY -- zickzackkurs die neue datenhighway runter.
to level 2013 GLOBAL PLAYERS take over
SUSI: girly edition of student with obscure past as reporter and Mc Job girl
on level 1999 SUSI: is a free lance reporter, working for New media
she manages execs Carmans busines affairs at elitechip. On level 2013 : she is at hacker defense at the european patentoffice, secretly involved in undercover activities for rebel media- new school: girlism--seems to have a stand up rebell -chip chipactivators: take over ..DVD nxt to come

RED WOMAN: a human android with sentimental retro codes in her chip out of" gone with the wind" chased by neroman the global undertaker for blood and terror -- she transformes in tecnofighter and HIT FIRST and becomes TAKE OVER LEADER HEROINE ...RED WOMAN: sexy red haired girl, working class discoqueen with bizare past with a NEROMAN and industrial pusher