SIGMUND freud chauCHAU
film KILLER-clip

start your double existence now . powered ....( movie) out the new winner game   is your alterego still available??...get a secret idendity.number
pick out of the list one character the one you would like to impersonate an mail

”brand new heroines from germany story of an extraordinary bizar riendship..a controvers story of unity and frequent stupidnes of the power elite..carla egerer presents 90 min film  horror-suspense-emotion

KnowHowSUSI: girly edition of student  with obscure past as reporter and  Mc Job girl: wants to get rid of her good girl image. new school: girlism: was a free lance reporter, working for New media now she was managing yuppy carmans busines affairs, turned in hard core bad girl : on level 2013  working at the european patent office and under cover for rebell media hackers.

STARBoese: emancipated feminist political informedon level 2013 new media strategist involved in creative Murder -actualy chief of development for victim moduls, is suvervising the prototype shows for victim persecutor, to manipulate the masses

Irvan :elegant polish director of photography,kameraman in slopy designer suit turned in filosofer who just does the opposite of what he´s talking about, on level 2013 chiefcamera operator of media pax´s victim-persecutor show,.slams in on red woman for his chief is Star

pinky  his assistent for sound and camera and anything else, obedient and mindless, always styled in tight woolen outfits

susis EX yuppy-carman is traveling european cities on his way to  find money for his „ last suvivors of industrial aerea shows „  melo gets money for some obscure media project never to find a start...but there is the night brain in the city and the girls enjoy life..carman hits the airport roads fighting with his best friend a US tramp. hitting the
floor with open suitcases
Clone-copies of NEW SHOW: RED WOMAN

  is intangled in the clubkartell- is star in the new victim persecutor show, very occupied about his hairs and appearance to worm his way to fame

“where is this dirty german bitch”

MISTER umberto MASTER: neat Undertaker for media Pax, glamourous, creative US*KILLER  works for world wide real estate maffia agency: NEW MEDIA and MEDIA
PAX he acts in styl of a new school night clubber to perform as the old school undertaker for the dirty work. dressed in latest designer cloth embarking on his mission in munich see

manager: no name yuppy manipulating the shareholder values  with his propaganda crew and new show tactics  executive looser industrial pusher pigtecnical

RED WOMAN: -her android module represents: sexy red haired girl, working class discoqueen with bizarre past  chased by neroman- industrial pusher on hard core trip RED WOMAN crossover module : is a hard working girl hitting her way to total take over   

story2: cont. smart girls escape from the sticky fingers of old school boys-power and sadistic media images, susi meets red woman at night together they fight  back stupid attacks of boyz media pax and power  back the ruling images

MELO: fat US tramp lower middle class, carman best friend,  in torn up suit and worn up shoes ex author at radical excess N.Y. worming his way through good old europe, on level 2013 competent

checker and asshole. in DJ outfit

CARMAN: on level 1990 , good looking executive yuppi,  in jeans and white collar-shirtknows nothing of managing practice, surfing through the power plants,multiplicator of macho attidude, susis ex, on level 2013 involved in project:” the last survivors of industrial times“ to prop images of no more exsting lakes rivers and sees , now wears a shottish kilt.

2013 the victim persecutor show.
new episodes soon to come

postindustrial chipman

neromen , cheap entertainment
fuck off ,fun prolo,fashion victim       
please call in trend check, out for the rude boys

who is melo impersonating? is he the embodiement of evil or common sense ?? for STAR is embodieng the mediapax elite ....
the kiss of red woman