Irvan ´s assistent for sound and camera and anything else,ob- edient mindless, styled in tight woolen outfits

: emancipated feminist political informed on level 2013 new media strategist involved in creative murder -actualy chief of development for victim moduls, is suvervising the prototype shows for victim persecutor, to manipulate the masses goebbels teacher massmedia education programm 1940 .info(at)

black glove evil teamEVIL TEAM :evillady, no name yuppy, neroman , US- killer Umberto master

manager: mister no name yuppy

manipulating the shareholder values with his propaganda crew and new show tactics

elegant polish director of photography in sloopy designer suit turned in filosofer who just does the opposite of what he´s talking about, on level 2013 chiefcameraoperator of MEDIA PAX´s victim-persecutor show,.slams in on red woman for his chief is Star
is in the clubkartell- NERONERO Star in the new victim persecutor show, very occupied about his hairs and appearance to worm his way to fame


A freedom of info hidden rebellrebell modul Presents latino hip hop sensacion de vivir
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