war axtion city *world wide war axtion

world war against women *war against life

hip_hop_queen_germany mae west rebellmedia koranbible

no difference between reality and show can be detected
new image keeper heroinesdisturbing traditional codes
.global game

A subdivision of knowhowsusi.de freedom of information activist
redwoman_ shut up your face activate your hidden rebell modul....
Presents latino hip hop sensacion de vivir ,
ocio pacifico "al culo con la politica" solo tiene activado
tres neuronas www.mujerroja.com

red woman world wide organisation girlz against macho images


know how susi and redwoman ...hit first and take over ...against media pax evillady ex feminist

what is macho culture? technokrat yuppy believe in the ultimate power of car, weapon,power,sex,crime,burguoise indifference, industrial strenght,consumer producer growth

warcommentator: screams:
„ from bagdad ..you hear artillery and bombing the al rashid hotel ..we now are in the desert storm attack at full speed -our men are out to defend freedom an liberty....listen ...victory...sieg heil..


as long as there is world wide war there will be war against women as long as macho culture rules there will be war .....as long as women population is supressed there will be war....so take over macho images ..create new contents and new images

rapper rapist tecno weapon industry outside world.. yes/no.........flower insects trees earth friendship comunity dance sing... yes/no