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The terror regime of Hitler was possible due to the elimation of jewish intellectuals democratic lawyers and jewish judges : german intellectual Rivalry-of the emperor devote class was to eliminate jewish democratic rivals , as top task to frame unjustice valid until 2008 in german court. Honoured Jobs after ww1 were held by assimilated jewish intellectuals
WW1 devoted german empire true intellectuals task was to get rid of the rivals, who with new think modells and scientific methods had conquered science and honoured intellectual merrits. the german intellectual lobby is undemocratic until 2008- and governs german state education and justice valid until 2008: in a three class seperation school structure system.
    Jewish fathers served in ww1 , later upraised their children as democrats and pacifists
German upper burgois intellectual class was emperor devoted to military
democratic thinking was alien to them be Democrat is a think tank model
1950 german justice and court is compound : 95% of identified nazi party members, who sentenced to death 20 000 german antifascist during ww2 without order. same justice Members of the Nazi party were reintegrated 1950 in democratic germany. Jewish Justice members who were exiliated , or eliminated from their job during the 3rd reich and came back in 1950 were not integrated in the democratic justice system. Only Nazi members of justice court were reintegrated ! read prominent lawyer rolf BOSSI ---------A victim of dachau becoming free after WW2: 1964 in german COURT claiming a -reconciliation for unjustice is confronted in court in democratic germany , to same judge who sentenced him to concentration camp Judge “ you never learn it . you cannot get a reconciliation “ the NAzi judge senctences against antifaschist are valid in 2008!!! NAzi JUdges sentenced to concentration camps. victims escaped from the concentration camp did not get reconciliation- due that same judges are in power in democratic germany !US General Clay stated : german democratic state is hold by identified Nazi members , Presidents of law- departments in Universities : was a Nazi killer . They teached law interpretation- therefore german court interpretates until 2008 is in favour of right wing and against democratic civil citizens.german justice is not transparent.
moral and ethic values of democracy are not complished in germany
Due to a strict untransparent power of Nazi judges and a lobby which discharges and rejects democracy .--- 1950 Judges and Councel for the prosecution , Public prosecutor, State attorney are 90 % identified Nazis. --German judge can easily change any law , with a Decree how to complish with the law.-means the judge can punish the party, or if the party is a right wing member not punish .— justice members are the strongest lobby in german state , No government had the guts to change the autonome ruling of court justice in germany . More >> out of documentary film "comeback 1997 of quiet help 2008 " by carla egerer ( ) ___US General Clay in 1947 commented “ 95% of german justice administration are identified Nazis. “why we have to keep them…..” Over fifty percent of those nominated by the American Legal Division were former Nazis in the automatic arrest category.
why some Nazi criminals were never charged with crimes and actually promoted to new positions of power. …------ The judge lobby rules germany –with pole positions .in government
Presidents of the university of kiel of the law- justice department : was a Nazi killer . to educate the nxt lawyer generation …..since ww2 germany: did not change court procession rules and laws, until 2008 germany keeps laws of The 3rd Reich,
the antifascists condemned in 3rd reich are legaly guilty condemned until 2008!! No government had the guts to change the ruling of Nazi court and justice in germany.
The despicable “ethic “ view toward “minor” classes. governs germany in 2008..filmclip ------------Administration structures are unsuitable for democratic participation. Example : In court the transcript of court proceeding (legal procedure, trial)- in 2008 dictated by The judge and eliminates The other party spoken word….German judge can change any law , with a Decree how to execute with the DOCTRINE hitlersjudges08