40 milliarden € in BDR weisswäsche steuerumleitungen
40 billion € each year TAX witewashing germany
read Hutton Nazi Ideology Racial doctrine--
until 2008 by german government ..
biological diversification claimed by teacher lobbies.


court germany

read book

german infos

extract "It looks in particular at the discipline of racial anthropology and its relationship to linguistics and human biology.
" the study of race during the Nazi regime, and traces continuities and discontinuities between Nazism and the study of human diversity in the Western tradition.

jew arab movie 3min

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return home german administration-government states Officially 2008 start in press papers and parliament debattes : Munich BLOOD-flag NAzi 2008 Movie

definitions and opinions ,oficial statements of ruling intellectuals in ministry of education in 2008!! : there is biological unequality ...human brain matter is biological unigual by birth.... (2008 ministry and teacher lobby-philologenverband )
there have to be minor brains and superior brains ... so we have to keep and built schools for minor and superior brains ..read brain matter
read parliament debattes on education germany 1990 till 2008: you will find ruling executive states a three class seperation school , uncompatible education like in emperor times of 19 th century..their malign spirit of state burocratic ideologies continued open or hidden and was teached and handed out to the subsequent executive generation to the impart of the same view and action matrix ………….but even worse the german education system never eliminated this institutional structure .
prove it by EU statistics eurostat: women rate, migrants rate , working class rate in executive post germany in universities and ministries 1 % !

"....humans cannot have igual opportunity for they are classified as three class humans .... unequal by birth ..not all Humans shall enter high school or universities. by birth they are uniqual –this think model is a hidden racial doctrine and dominates structure of german court ,school system, university and democracy in 2008
defining outsiders to be excluded at all costs from the body of the German Volk. read Hutton Nazi Ideology: An Attack on Difference...in 2008 9,7 % NAzis enter parliament ....who backed them up??????? german internal revenue adminstration classifies NAZi organsiation as of common benefit and tax deductabel to donaters ..when ? in 2008.......TAX ministry 1933

Racial doctrine--Rassen ideologie kept until 2008 by german government .. biological diversification claimed by teacher lobbies......read braingrowth
keeps the other out of education and better jobs .. and gives budget to universities , technical prestige projects ...instead of financing basic schools ..with sufficient teachers and new modell teaching .....for the youth _____
do not permit education or university to the "biological minor brain "– ministries state (read parliament papers ) this would be a waste of tax money ……why: 50% of state income is given to state employees – who represent 10% of population—20% state income goes to education.__ Ministry and government jobs__ law interpretation and education is in hands of old think model elite
who claims 50% of state income for their own jobs……in 2008

backed up by judges decree and Federal court of justice.national high court.
NAzi members and parties are protected hidden by state court on all justice levels.. NAZI party gets state money like any other party___
2008 woman rate , working class and migrants in execs post lowest of Europe –women teacher at university and exec in government under 3%- no working class at all._____________truth under surface of reality german administration states Officially 2008: humans cannot have igual opportunity .. for being unigual by birth .. for their biological difference in brain matters – not all citizens shall enter high school or universities --
this think model is a hidden racial doctrine and dominates structure of german court , school system, university and democracy in 2008___germany is ruled in classified structures of three booth humans
this means the elite gets 50% of state money paid – being only 10% of total population
..... education gets 20% of state money ___official statements of minor and mayor intelligence ___ german school structure claims a biological inability (read zellbiologie) for poor and others .... why: to keep jobs for the burgois elite ....read rita levi M. and the racial scientist manifesto..__methods of racial diversity _untransparency of ruling power in school structures to keep other classes out ... justice and education go together against majority of population__
During ww2 german judges sentenced 30 000 germans to death
Without legal proceeding and without order from above
More _documentary movie by carla egerer COMEBACK of quiet help nazi judges 2008__Intro- voz en off / voice over new : "to operate a demonstration needs a decree of THE judge . to operate a party needs conformity with constitution. To form a Nazi party must be permited by judges . German nazi party articles: neglect holocaust took place......After ww2 95% Nazi judges continued in democratic justice system and education as faculty for law chiefs . The democratic law interpretaion therefore is a right wing law interpretation until 2008. in favour of right wing and against civil democratic interpretation.__5000 nazis backed up by judges decree enter Munich in 1997. ___ This demonstration gives great populistic success all over germany
And permits 9,7 % Nazi party member enter the parliament. _NAZI party gets state money like other parties __ backed up by judges decree and Federal court of justice.national highest court.
NAzi members and parties are protected by state court at all justice levels___
Comeback of Quiet Help ..... Internal revenue germany : state income
Classifies Nazis organisations as of common benefit and tax free in 2008
Donations can be made – by rich Nazis as tax deductabel for Nazis organisations are classified by germany tax as charitable organisations.
Nazis have 1000 registered donaters –Protected by german justice --source : deutsche notenbank –german bank of issue , central bank ... in germany each year 40 billion € are not declared to tax ... This means 40 billion € of german money has to be white washed …each year…
Munich jan2008-Friday 4 p.a.

Young and old Nazis march maximilianstreet left of rich Munich, with swastika flags rising arms , protected by judge decree and shout
“only aryien are permitted to buy here”
in front of Gucci and Armani stores .
nazi salute by rising arms and walk Nazi emblem as in Third Reich in 2008, protected by police and therefore by judge decree and city hall permission.
“ you dirty foreign pig get out “ they shout at italian shop keeper of armani and arab clients . protected by police , who does not interfere.
docu soon to come read rolf bossi --comeback- off: Nazi intellectuals promote : migrants are responsible for economic depression, for they take jobs from Germans – truth is state gets no tax money from expanding arms and supplier industry for they operate tax free on profits amed by licence of patents. ..high tec arms biggest profits ever in holdings situated in Germany .
arms high tec industry isituated in Bavaria. Germany is holding standpoint: as tax free on revenues out of holding to licence patents profits …read hitlers judges 08 furchbare juristen